No one should have a website that doesn't increase sales.

We help USA local businesses copywrite a better website so that your traffic strategies like Local SEO and Google Ads convert better.

Close Clients

Get Accountability

Feel Motivated

Most Local Businesses Struggle To Succeed Because…

When you have a system to grow your business and a 90-day strategy that delivers real results, you’re unstoppable.

What’s the difference between a Business Made Simple Coach and StoryBrand Certified Guide?

Take the Mystery Out of Growing a Business

Get a step-by-step plan to get more local clients!

Focus Weekly On
Your Action Plan

Freedom comes with being a business owner or marketing manager but you also need structure. Action plans with simple steps let you know exactly what to do weekly so you accomplish your quarterly goals.

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Start here. First, you need a clear brand message and a website funnel that closes clients weekly. Get two 20-minute coaching calls when you buy Business Made Simple from my link below.


Community That
Cheers You On

You need friends and cheerleaders who understand what it’s like to do marketing for a local business. Facebook Groups allow us to get accountability and support each other so you don’t get stuck.

3 Steps to Becoming Confident
Closing Clients With Your Website

Schedule Call
We understand what it’s like to have a website that doesn’t lead to consistent sales calls. When you get all your online marketing working together you can turn your 5-figure business into multiple 6-figures this year.
Get Accountability
Think about the online courses you bought or the books you read over the past 3 months. Did you apply what you learned? Most people need accountability in applying a new business strategy.
Enjoy Closing New Clients Weekly
Having a website that books calls will give you peace of mind knowing you will have consistent monthly recurring revenue and confidence that you’ll finally hit those business goals and make a bigger local impact.

Places I’ve Spoken At

How Is Coach Liz Different?

Most local business website visitors don’t contact you. We have a 5-step Website That Books Calls process so that you close new clients weekly and hear cha ching as your business grows.

I remember when my mom took me to her Tupperware parties and all those pump-up events. That’s where I got the dream to own a business with my spouse.

I went from fitness influencer to working full-time with my husband Robert 7 years ago. RebelFish Local marketing agency is in San Diego, California. We help small businesses across the USA get more local website traffic from Google Maps and Google Ads.

I know firsthand what it’s like to build a successful business doing all the digital marketing yourself.

Did you know that… for local businesses only 5% of website visitors come from social media.

That is so frustrating… isn’t it?

I hate the fact that you are working hard to show up on social media but still not make the money you want because social media isn’t turning your leads into sales.

I believe that if your revenue is less than $250K you should be sending everyone to your website and getting on sales calls with people.

I have found that when you update the words and layout of your website using my template you will book more sales calls with ideal clients.

Also, I am sure you have heard… “the way to make 5-figures monthly is to record a podcast, write blogs, or film Facebook lives.”

Maybe you have done one, or all of these. But… is it working?

Likely not, and I can tell you in my experience the main problem is your website is not converting.

If you are wondering how to figure out where your website traffic is coming from and the analytics of at what percentage it is converting.

Google Analytics is your best friend.

Surprisingly, 54% of websites don’t have Google Analytics set up right. That is vital information you need to strategically grow your business.

I wish I knew then, what I know now about a highly converting website when I moved my local business online 13 years ago.

I can only imagine the money I left on the table from visitors that came to my website but didn’t convert to clients.

Do you want to learn more?

Schedule a 15-minute call with me.

I’ll help you figure out what’s best for your situation… Done With You Coaching or Done For You Services with RebelFish Local.

So schedule a call.

And in the meantime get our mini-course and PDF “5-Hacks to Get on Page 1 of Google” so you can stop being frustrated that you aren’t on many Google Maps searches and start doing the weekly tasks that drive ideal clients to your website.

3 Ways To Get Accountability Implementing StoryBrand & Business Made Simple Courses

Made Simple

$ 297
  • Get two 20-minute coaching calls when you buy Business Made Simple from my link below. Start with the StoryBrand Message then do the Marketing Made Simple course.

2-Day StoryBrand Livestream Workshop

$ 995
  • Buy through my link below and I’ll give you the VIP website review. I coach 8 people at this event to clarify their message. You’ll leave with a BrandScript and One-Liner.

1-on-1 Sales Funnel in a Day Workshop

$ 1,250
  • After you have the right BrandScript and One-Liner you are ready for a new sales funnel; website homepage, lead generator, and email campaigns. Hold your spot with a 25% down payment.

We've Helped Dozens of Local Businesses Hit Their Financial Goals & Make A Bigger Impact Locally

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5 Hacks That Will Get You On Page 1 Of Google

The process is simple. Just watch the videos, download the checklist, and do the work. Don’t waste another day frustrated customers can’t find you on Google but seem to find your competition. Download the free checklist today.

5 Hacks That Will Get You On Page 1 Of Google