No one should have a website that's pretty but doesn't increase sales.

We help local businesses design a better website so that your traffic strategies like Local SEO and Google Ads convert better.

Close Clients

Get Accountability

Feel Motivated

Most Local Businesses Struggle To Succeed Because…

When you have a system to grow your business and a 6-month strategy that delivers real results, you’re unstoppable. Learn the Website That Books Calls process and see your business growing again.

Take the Mystery Out of Growing a Local Business

Get a step-by-step plan to grow a business that works

Focus Weekly On
Your Action Plan

Freedom comes with being a business owner or marketing manager but you also need structure. Action plans with simple steps let you know exactly what to do weekly so you accomplish your quarterly goals.

Get Coaching On Implementing 3 Courses

During our Website That Books Calls 90-day group coaching program you'll have a clear brand message, a website funnel that closes clients weekly, and drive more traffic to your website with our 5-step LOCAL SEO process. Two of the three courses you get with your Business Made Simple subscription.


Community That
Cheers You On

You need friends and cheerleaders who understand what it’s like to do marketing for a local business. Facebook Groups allow us to get accountability and support each other so you don’t get stuck.

What’s the difference between a Business Made Simple Coach and StoryBrand Certified Guide?

3 Steps to Becoming Confident
Closing Clients With Your Website

Schedule Call

We understand what it's like to have a website that doesn't lead to consistent new clients and phone calls to buy your services. When you get all your online marketing working together you can turn your 6-figure business into multiple 7-figures.

Get Accountability
Think about the online courses you bought or the books you read over the past 6 months. Did you apply what you learned? Most people need accountability in applying a new business strategy. You will WIN with our accountability coaches.
Enjoy Closing New Clients Weekly
Having a website that books calls will give you the peace of mind knowing you will get your monthly recurring revenue back up to pre-2020 and confidence that you’ll finally hit those business financial goals and make a bigger local impact.

Places I’ve Spoken At

How Is Coach Liz Different?

Most local business website visitors don’t contact you. We have a 5-step Website That Books Calls process so that you close new clients weekly and spend more time doing the hobbies you love.

Here’s some frequent statements people share with us.

I need to talk to my spouse.

I talk to my husband about investing in our business too. You won’t be pressured to make a decision on the call. But I’d love for you to let me know by Friday.

That’s expensive.

To have our marketing agency RebelFish Local do all the work for you would cost 15-30K compared to this program. When I didn’t budget for an emergency or something I really wanted. I make a list of creative ways to pull together the money like selling stuff or emailing people I’ve done sales calls with over the past 3 months and offer them an incentive for paying in full by Friday. If you really want something you will find the money for it.

I’ll do it later.

$5000 is our introductory pricing for the first 50 people. As our group coaching program grows I will need to hire more accountability coaches so the price will increase to $10K. Another reason to buy coaching now is to think about how much one new client is worth to you on a yearly basis? For most businesses your high ticket offer is $5-20K. Waiting means that those people are going to your competition. 

Right now, I’m really busy.

You will be this busy 3 months from now unless your priorities change. Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule? That means 20% of your work leads to 80% of your sales. Then I’m sure if you are like most businesses 80% of your revenue comes for your top 20% of clients. I’m sure there are things on your weekly schedule you could delegate to someone on your team or hire an assistant to help you.

I’m not sure if this will work.

We have a 14 day, money-back guarantee. When you follow our coaching and implement what we say, we’ve seen most of our clients 10X their investment within 12 months. I know it makes you feel nervous. For us simply placing serval buttons with the same Direct Call To Action (SCHEDULE CALL) over and over on the page was a game changer!

I don’t have a good website developer.

This program doesn’t include RebelFish Local doing any tech work like graphic design, CRM integration, or website development. That package is 25K and we can talk about upgrading. But if you complete all the Google Docs I provide, organize all your website photos, and use one of our 3 Elementor StoryBrand themes then we can build your website and make sure your sales funnel/free offer funnel is connected properly. For an additional charge of 5K.

Have questions? Schedule a call with one of our accountability coaches.

Local Business Coaching Packages

8-Hour Sales Funnel In A Day Workshop

  • Coaching Clients can attend on July 24th or August 28th.

90-Day Website That Books Calls Group Coaching

$ 5000
  • Coaching Calls are 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 9 AM PST.

2-Day, 5-Hour Get More Productive Workshop

$ 250
  • Offered Monthly 3rd Friday and Saturday 2 Days.

We've Helped Dozens Of Multiple 6-Figure Local Businesses Generate Millions & Make A Bigger Impact Locally


You Are Losing Money by Not Doing These 3 Daily Activities

I know that you want to be a confident local business owner. To do that, you need to increase cash flow. The problem is you don’t have enough cash to expand your business, which makes you feel frustrated. We believe attracting new customers should be easy. I understand spending too much time doing things that don’t generate revenue, which is why I created this PDF.

Here’s how we do it:
1. Download PDF
2. Pick 3 Things From The List & Engage
3. Enjoy Attracting New Customers

So, download the PDF. So you can stop worrying about how to increase sales and instead have consistent sales to expand your local business.