2 Ways To Work With A StoryBrand Guide


Ever wonder what it would be like to work with a StoryBrand Guide? As entrepreneurs and business owners, it can be difficult to have confidence you’re making the right decisions to create forward momentum. Coaching packages can offer you a framework to work with and can help guide you. But, which package will be right for you? Here are two to consider.

Work With A StoryBrand Guide – 2 Ways:

  1. Website That Books Calls
  2. Group Coaching


The most important thing you can do is to clarify your message. This is what StoryBrand will help you accomplish. So, what is StoryBrand and how can you use it to help your business?

StoryBrand uses seven categories (i.e., the StoryBrand framework) to help clarify your brand’s messaging. This framework should be used to tell one consistent story throughout all marketing efforts. One consistent story that will appeal to your ideal clients and customers. One consistent story that makes them the hero. 


This framework is the basis of both the following 90-day packages. Following through with either one will help you clarify your message in a way that will cause your ideal customers to respond and will ultimately help you grow your business. After all, what are you in business for if not to grow?


Watch our YouTube video Should I Hire a Business Made Simple Coach Or StoryBrand Guide? to help you decide which option may be right for you.


Let’s compare the two packages. 


Website That Books Calls

Maybe you don’t have the time to do group coaching and the work yourself. We’d love to help you. This package will require you to hop on just a few phone calls with our team at RFL, and in 90 days, we’ll work with you through 3 Phases:

  1. Marketing Message – BrandScript, Oneliner, Tagline

Your overall marketing message will include your completed BrandScript, a oneliner, and a tagline. In short, it will result in a cohesive and clear messaging throughline. 

First, let’s talk about what unclear messaging is costing you. If your customers are coming to your website but don’t understand how you can help them, you’ve got an unclear message. This will result in a website conversion problem. The good news is that this can be fixed.

The reality is that an unclear message will cause you to struggle when talking about your business. 

This happens across the business spectrum, and it is not an unusual problem. Many business owners have a hard time talking about their business. The truth is, they know they have something worthwhile and they know it can help their customers, but they haven’t taken the time to flesh out the details and get to the root of things in a way that will be received and remembered by their ideal customer. 

This will ultimately lead to your sales and leads not being where you want them to be, which of course, has you believing you’ve failed in some way. Take heart. As humans, our brains are hard-wired to be drawn to clarity. So, if we learn how to clarify our message, we will literally draw customers toward our products and services. Sound good?

The StoryBrand Brandscript will take you on a journey. A journey of discovery where you will cast your customer as the hero. Maybe you’ve already identified one problem you’re having. You read that right! Your brand is not the hero, your customer is the hero of their own story. 

This is done by business owners all the time. We’re excited about the ‘why’ behind what we do and we have every reason for that. So, we naturally drone on in our ‘about us’ section about why we’re the hero of the story. Now think about this… have you ever seen a scene in a movie where the hero talks endlessly about how great they are? If you’re still trying to think of one, let me save you some time. Unless it’s satire, the answer is no. It’s a huge turnoff, right? Right! 

So then why do we insist on placing ourselves in this hero role instead of casting our ideal customer? Let’s move on to a formula that has proven to be effective. One that has audiences eating up films and selling out theatres. 


We’ll determine what your Brandscript is. We’ll introduce a character (your customer, the hero), identify their problem, identify their guide (the helper, that’s you), identify the plan that you have to give them to fix said problem, identify the call to action (this is when you ask them to buy from you), identify the reason their action will help them avoid failure, and identify what ultimate success looks like for them. 



We’ll also determine your oneliner. That one line that you can use to briefly explain your product or service. It gets to the root and inspires your customers to let you tell them more.

Think about a time when you asked someone what they do and they responded by saying, “Well, it’s a long story”, before they launched into it, and you were stuck there having to listen to the entire thing only to end up being more confused in the end. This will help you not be that guy. 



We will determine your tagline. Your tagline will include what you do and what your hero wants. Pretty straightforward, right? No need to get fancy or too sophisticated here. Many companies try to and the customers that would have been ideal end up bouncing from the website in confusion. 


  1. Website Wireframe

We will develop a wireframe for your website that will organically take your visitors and potential customers through the story you’re telling. The wireframe is designed with the journey of your hero, or customer, in mind which will ultimately convert from a visit to a sale. 


  1. Web Design & Development – We build on Elementor for WordPress.

Once we have nailed down the elements above, we will design and build your website in a way that makes sense for your brand. One that will make sense and appeal to the real hero behind the reason your company exists. 


Visit RebelFishLocal for prices on this package. 


Before we move on to group coaching, are you curious about the fitness level of your business? Take our free BusinessMRI quiz to find out. 


Now, let’s explore the next option.


storybrand guide


Group Coaching

Maybe you’re interested in learning how to implement the StoryBrand strategy in your business on your own. Great! We’re happy to offer group coaching and we think it’s a fantastic option for you. Think about how much power you’ll have to do this on your own once you learn the process! You’ll be able to implement the StoryBrand strategy in every area of your business. You’ll be unstoppable! 


In 90 days, with a small group and having your work reviewed by a coach every two weeks, you’ll work through 2 Phases:


  1. StoryBrand Messaging Framework

You will learn the importance of a clear story and determine how clear your message is currently in addition to how to better clarify. You’ll learn about how story works in general and how motion pictures use the structure of a story to captivate audiences. There’s nothing better than knowing you’re leaving someone wanting more! 

This will all lead you to be able to solve your customers’ problems, which of course, is the reason you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. 

Once you learn this formula, you’ll start to see it everywhere. You will notice the major brands you see ads for all the time and appreciate the stories they’ve been telling you in a whole new way. 


  1. Marketing Made Simple

Marketing can feel tricky. But, once you have your messaging framework completed, you’ll be ready to move onto the concepts in marketing. 

Some things that will be covered are the importance of a sales funnel, how to build a relationship with your customer, and what all your marketing should be accomplishing. 

You’ll create a one-liner (as explained in the website that books a call section above), how to use the right words as you create your website, how to create lead generators and lead-generating PDFs, and you’ll learn the art of writing email nurture and sales campaigns. 


Once you buy your membership Business Made Simple group coaching program, you’ll start work on your StoryBrand Messaging Framework.


Curious about other things you could be doing to attract new and ideal customers? Download our free PDF to pick from a list of Daily Activities that can help you do just that!