About Me

I know what’s it's like to have a goal but not hit it year after year.

We know what it feels like to be disappointed and not be able to know exactly what to do to grow your local business.

If you’re like me, you’ve bought courses and workshops but fail to fully implement the business strategies. You’ve likely wondered if there was a way to grow your local business that helped you take higher quarterly profit distributions. We know you want to become a confident business owner, and it’s wrong that it’s so hard to accomplish your business goals.

At Liz Cortes Coaching, I get it.

I know whats it’s like to have a goal but not hit it year after year. For the past 5 years, I’ve helped dozens of people just like you overcome implementing the right business strategies and experience confidence in leading your staff well.

A Coach Is Born

I’m 14-years-old and my gymnastics coach doesn’t show up. I look around at the students putting back on their shoes and decide to jump up and teach the class. I couldn’t imagine my fellow students and parents leaving disappointed. I was offered my first job that day. I coached gymnastics for 6 years, personal trained, and taught group exercise for 10 years. Plus I got two degrees; Exercise Science, Nutrition & Dietetics.

But my love for fitness and nutrition wasn’t where I felt I’d make my greatest impact. I closed my fitness business in 2015 after seeing some great success with co-owning a local marketing agency with my husband Robert.

Career Change

For 5 years, we’ve been the marketing and website team helping many mid-6-figure businesses turn into multi-millions. When you apply the frameworks and foundations I coach on your business works. Your website works. So that when you start doing Local SEO and drive traffic to your website with ads you add that fuel to the fire.

When I first started learning online marketing in 2009 and took my fitness and nutrition business online I hired a few business coaches. They taught me how to build an online business, sales funnels, email lists, and build a following on social media. I even did some sales calls for one of them and helped coach her clients.

I believe you need to keep focused and only build one business at a time.

Business Coaching

In 2019, Robert and I became StoryBrand Certified Guides. That first year I did primarily half-day strategy sessions that helped map out the plan to grow their business. I got the taste of coaching again and when Business Made Simple Coaching was announced in 2020 I knew this was my next step to help more local businesses and couples that work together grow their business.

I am committed to helping you relieve the pressure and accomplish your monthly business goals so you can stop feeling disappointed. The process is simple – 1. Apply For Coaching 2. Show Up Monthly and 3. Enjoy Business Growth. Once you apply for coaching, you’ll have taken the first step to be healthy in the 8 areas of the Business MRI Quiz.

We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to grow your business and you deserve to accomplish your business goals. We help you put together a 12-month business fitness plan so that you can look back and feel proud you increased revenue.

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