What Does A Business Made Simple Coach Cost: And What Will You Gain?


You likely landed on this blog after searching for Business Made Simple Coach Cost. Welcome! If you’re coming into the new year with dreams and visions of leveling up in your business, you’ve just found a rainbow that can lead you to your pot of gold.  So, what does a Business Made Simple Coach cost, and more importantly, what will you get?


What Does a Business Made Simple Coach Cost and what will you get?

  1. What is Business Made Simple
  2. What does a Business Made Simple Coach cost
  3. If you aren’t doing these things in your business a Business Made Simple Coach can help
  4. Find the coach for you

At some point, it happens to all of us no matter the industry we’re in. We reach a point where we wither in stagnation or choose to level up. When we choose to level up, having a coach is key.

What is Business Made Simple?

We know you want to know about the Business Made Simple Coach Cost, but in case you’ve just stumbled across this page, let’s cover the most basic question first.

Business made simple university is an online learning platform for businesses. Their on-demand courses help businesses run and grow by mastering the essential skills needed to improve the key areas in their business.

What does a Business Made Simple Coach cost?

We believe everyone should purchase a $275 Business Made Simple subscription. We’ve bought them as graduation gifts. We even gave it to someone who got their MBA. Yes, they need it too!

OPTION 1: 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching

Purchase 6-months of coaching for $5,000.

This option is perfect for business owners and team members that have completed BMS StoryBrand Framework and Marketing Made Simple. We see many people who did watch all the videos and tried to apply the things they learned and ended up getting a little stuck along the way.

We want you to know that this is normal. It happens. We’ve been there too. We know the value that having a coach and community can provide.

You don’t have to stay stuck!

This is how it works…

You will receive a 60-minute coaching call twice a month. Your work will be reviewed during these calls.

You’ll know you did all these parts right:

  • BrandScript
  • One-Liner
  • Video Script
  • Copywrite & Wireframe Website Homepage
  • Copywrite Extra Pages (About, Services, Contact, Blog)
  • Write Lead Generating PDF
  • Plan 12 month Nurture Email Campaign
  • Write the 6 Sales Email Campaign

Since we specialize in local SEO, you get access to my Get On Page 1 Of Google Course as a BONUS.

You’ll learn:

  • Our 5-Step LOCAL Process
  • Google Business Profile hacks
  • How to show up on more Google Maps searches
  • How to use RankMath SEO plugin
  • How to research and pick your next 12 blog keywords
  • How to write a blog in less than 60 minutes

I’ve had clients launch their StoryBrand website and sales funnel in 90 days. Then we work on website traffic strategies for the rest of the 6 months. That can include local SEO, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads.

You may be thinking but I really need 1-on-1 coaching but I can’t afford it.

Keep reading!

OPTION 2: Local Business Made Simple (BMS) Group Coaching

Purchase group coaching for $297 per month. No contract.

When I became a certified Business Made Simple coach, I was taught how to implement all BMS courses in less than 12 months.

You’ll get the key to:
  • Clarity of how to grow your local business
  • Keeping focused when you don’t have much time
  • Implementing the courses you buy

I help my clients remain accountable for reaching their goals by doing 1-on-1 calls during group coaching.

Group coaching is beneficial but sometimes the introverts just listen in. I know it’s hard to have a coach review your work with other people watching but for more small business owners 1-on-1 coaching or hiring an agency to do all the website copywriting and local SEO research costs thousands of dollars a month.

So that’s why I love group coaching.

On every call, clients get the opportunity for 1-on-1 coaching and they can listen in as I coach their peers. If you get inspired by what people write on Instagram or watching a YouTube video then you’ll get inspired on these calls.

You’ll see that you aren’t alone. People get stuck in the same spots and you’ll fast track when you learn from others.

If you aren’t doing these things in your business a Business Made Simple Coach can help

There are many key areas in business that entrepreneurs need to spend time learning and mastering in order to build a strong and lasting brand. The areas that Business Made Simple focuses on helping you master include the following:

  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Execution
  • Character
  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Sales

These areas make up what Business Made Simple calls a value-driven professional and their focus is teaching you, and your team, how to learn and implement all of these skills.

We know what it’s like to rise and grind each day only to be stuck doing the same things that must be done repeatedly in order to continue doing business. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could focus on these key areas in a way that will make a difference to you, your team, and ultimately your customers and clients?

We know it can seem overwhelming to think of all these areas and what it will take to identify and execute the necessary details. This is where a coach can be most helpful.

Think about it… when you played sports or practiced art as a kid (maybe you still do), having a coach gave you outside perspective that you would have otherwise lacked. They can look in without being distracted by all the little and big stresses we have as business owners. They can help lead us to where we want to be and what we want to accomplish.

Schedule A Call so we can find out if we’re a good fit for you. Something to keep in mind… our Certified StoryBrand Agency deals with brick-and-mortar business locations. However, the StoryBrand and Business Made Simple Frameworks are widely used by all kinds of businesses and have proven to be extremely effective.

business made simple coach cost

Find the coach for you

I think we all know that not every coach is the right fit for a business owner and vice versa. There’s no point in spending and thereby wasting any time with the wrong coach, so how do you find the right fit for you and the business that you’re in?

Two things to consider are the type of business and personality.

Type of Business

Not every coach will have expertise in the type of business you operate. It’s important that you find someone who does. However, if you find a coach who has an impressive amount of experience in other businesses, don’t discount them entirely. You may find that they can apply what they’ve learned and done with other types of businesses to yours. There’s nothing wrong with trying, especially if you instinctually feel that you are a good fit.

Speaking of…


When you mesh with someone you just KNOW you mesh with them. There’s really not much more to it than that. There’s nothing worse than wading through the details of something so personal as your life and business with someone that doesn’t ‘get you’.

We think it’s best to do an initial consult which is usually 15 minutes and done over the phone or on an online platform. This is generally to see if it’s a good fit regarding the type of business this particular coach is familiar with. If the coach is familiar with the type of business you’re running, you’ll both decide whether it’s worth it or not to pursue further contact to determine whether or not you’re both a good fit personally.

I know someone who is starting a financial coaching business and he just completed his initial consult. Both he and the coach found they had a lot in common in those 15 minutes and have decided to move on to a 60-minute consult. This consult will focus more on his (the business owner’s) goals and visions and the coach will be able to tell him exactly how he can help and what he can expect should they decide to move forward.

Information is power, right? If you’re still on the fence about what to do, check out our Should I Hire A Business Made Simple Coach or StoryBrand Certified Guide? video for more information on available options.

In the end, hiring a coach will be a great move and get you further than you would have been otherwise. Imagine, a year from now, the time you will have gained after putting in the initial work that this will require. We’re not going to lie to you… it will be hard work. But, it will be worth it. The skills that you gain and, in turn, teach your team, will skyrocket your business.

Are you ready? Drop a comment below to tell us how you think a Business Made Simple Coach may benefit your business.