1-ON-1 Coaching

A good coach will save you hours of frustration, equip you to lead your company, and ultimately make you more money. It’s the best investment you can make this year!




You don’t need an MBA to know how to grow your business. Let’s call out the elephant in the room, you’ve probably bought online courses and never finished them. You are busy. You are most likely worried if you buy Business Made Simple or Flight School, you’ll waste your money too.

The 6-Month Flight School Helps You Double Your Revenue

Hours run out too quickly each week

You don’t have the money to invest in what you want to grow

Tried and true strategies don’t seem to be working anymore

Eight years ago, I went from being a fitness influencer to working full-time with my husband at RebelFish Local. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses get more traffic with local SEO. When clients implement StoryBrand Messaging and Business Made Simple courses, their website traffic converts better and they make more money.

What’s Included In 1-on-1 Small Business Flight School for $15K?

We’ve Helped Hundreds of Small Businesses Hit Their Financial Goals & Make A Bigger Impact

Get a Custom Plan to Optimize Your Small Business.

You need a plan to grow your small business. Take the 10-minute assessment, and you’ll get a FREE, customized plan that will optimize your small business so it generates more revenue and profit.