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Join our monthly mastermind for one hour a month. We are a transparent community of women business owners who do NOT have it all together. However, we are committed to creating a community where we can overcome obstacles together. Become a part of our friendly, intelligent, supportive community today because we believe female founders deserve a community they can depend on.
Take 15 minutes today to make a difference for generations of women everywhere.

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Why Female Founders Talk Shop? Because this is the only research-forward movement to help women in business take charge of their mindsets and succeed. And success is what we all want, right?

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Imposter syndrome is not welcome here - no matter what stage of business you're in, you bring value to the community and we want to hear from you!

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Tired of explaining entrepreneur life to others? No need to do that here. We get it.

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The obstacles that seem so daunting now are NOTHING when you're surrounded by a community cheering you on and helping you win in practical, tangible ways.

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To be clear, we are a beverage-inclusive community.

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Bring your English Breakfast tea, kombucha, nut milk, apple cider, kefir, lukewarm water with lemon, mimosa, hot cocoa, matcha, you get the idea.

It's all good.

November 18th 11 am ET
Make Money Your Friend

December 16th 11 am ET
Hiring Help

January 13th 11 am ET
Rhythm of Your Life Roles

Cheers, and we'll see you soon!

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