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Believe it or not, some local businesses are actually on track to hit their original 2021 goals. Join us on the 2nd Friday of the month. Get a playbook so that your message and marketing bring in more leads!  

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In these uncertain times, local businesses that have clarified their message and built a sales funnel are much more likely to survive.

If you are like many local businesses you aren’t going to hit your 2021 goals which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe local businesses shouldn’t be pushed around by local government.

Our San Diego marketing labs are now online. Watch every speaker at the event AND receive real time coaching in an online breakout room to make sure that you have the right marketing plan for 2021.

Clarify your message, create a marketing plan that works, and hit the ground running while the rest of the world is still warming up.

During this 3-hour online class, you’ll get everything
you need to move forward with confidence.

It’s Time to Clarify Your Message and Make a Plan

What Makes the Marketing Lab So Special?
It’s All About the Coaching.

On the Livestream, you’ll have access to a Local Business Expert throughout the workshop to make sure you get your message and marketing plan right.
Yes! All registrants will have access to a replay of the Livestream (not coaching breakout sessions) for two full weeks afterward. You will receive an email to the address you used during registration. That email will arrive within 48 hours of completion.
The VIP level offers a review of your website and local SEO audit done by Robert or Liz within 2 weeks of completion. Along with that benefit, there is also a smaller group of participants for VIP breakout sessions. Be sure to select the VIP option from the drop down during registration!
If you are able to safely gather in the exact same location, only one registration is needed for the livestream. To maintain the promised coach to participant raptors in the coaching breakout sessions, only the person(s) registered will be allowed access into the dedicated Zoom coaching room. If, however, you need multiple registrations, it is possible to incur you are placed in the same breakout coaching group. Please provide a list of participants via email to

We've owned local businesses and for the past 5 years have helped hundreds of brick and mortars grow by executing marketing frameworks that work.


Time Event
Time 8:30 AM PST
Event Meet Your Coach in Your Digital Breakout Room
Time 9:00 AM PST
Event Lab Presentation Begins
Time 9:30 AM PST
Event Breakout Room #1
Time 10:00 AM PST
Event 5 Things To Simplify Your Marketing and Increase Your Revenue
Time 10:30 AM PST
Event Breakout Room #2
Time 11:00 AM PST
Event 3 Local SEO Secrets To Planning Out Your Next 10 Blog Posts and Getting Them To Show Up On Google
Time 11:30 AM PST
Event Q&A, Next Steps
Time 12:00 PM PST
Event Lab Concludes
Event Replay sent to your inbox 48 hours after event completion. However, virtual coaching only happens during the live event. We encourage you to attend live to get the most out of your experience, but you will have access to a replay for 2 weeks!

What’s My Investment

Marketing Lab Online

One Registration
$ 97

Marketing Lab Online

$ 197
VIP Experience

What You'll Get


Smaller breakout sessions giving you more time with your coach


Your Website Reviewed and Mini Local SEO Audit by the RebelFish Local team after the lab **

** Website review and local SEO audit will happen after the marketing lab.

Marketing Lab Online

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