2 StoryBrand Website Examples Built On WordPress

Trying to figure out what type of copy to put on every page of your website can be daunting. These StoryBrand website examples will help you determine what to put where so you present clear messaging in a clean and organized format.

StoryBrand Website Examples Built On WordPress

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The best time to build a website the right way is before you even have one, but you can apply what you’ll learn here anytime to make sure you’ve got the kind of copy on every page that speaks to your ideal customers in a way that makes them respond.


First thing’s first… let’s review what StoryBrand is and why you need to learn about it in order to apply it to all the marketing collateral for your business.

StoryBrand uses the elements of a well-told story to create copy for marketing purposes. You may think that since you are the business owner, you’d be the hero of the story. However, this is not true. YOU are the GUIDE for your ideal customers. You have the experience of having had and having solved the problem, so you’re perfectly positioned to be said guide. Your customer is the hero of their own story and you must understand this in order to capture their interest and attention.

We break down the StoryBrand BrandScript and Framework in several other blogs. Click on the links below and start getting familiar with the process. It may seem like a lot to learn at first, but here’s something you should keep in mind. Stories are natural to us as human beings. We are drawn to the structure of stories for learning and getting through life. So, we promise you’ll get it.


Here are some additional resources chock-full of information on StoryBrand.

If you’re looking for a strategy that will help you apply the StoryBrand framework, look no further than How To Apply The StoryBrand Marketing Strategy In 90 Days

How The StoryBrand Framework Helps You Get More Clients will help break things down further.


Moving forward…



Let’s talk about a website wireframe…

A wireframe is used to plan out the main features and structure of a new website design before building it. It gives an idea about the site’s functionality before thinking about its visual design elements, like its content and color scheme.

Layout and features like menus and buttons are mapped to assess the overall experience for the end-user.

Wireframes provide a practical map of the site for team members to see exactly where everything will go as it gets completed.

Some designers or clients might tempt you to skip this step, calling it unnecessary and too time-consuming. But wireframing requires preparation, and good preparation takes time. And not having a plan usually means taking up even more time and running the risk of a project not succeeding at all.

In a nutshell, a website wireframe is an outline that helps keep you on track with regard to both time and content. It’s always difficult to combine the creative and technical aspects of a job and it’s even more difficult to do both at once. Creating a wireframe will keep you focused and on track.

It’s important to create a wireframe for your project at an early stage so that you can uncover any potential mistakes in design or judgment before you spend too much time on it. Wireframes can be used to collaborate effectively with your team and help you communicate concepts to your clients.

However, if you’ve already got your website done and you’re unhappy with the way it looks or is performing for you, it is always possible to use a wireframe for a fresh start. It’s never too late to improve your website!



43% of all websites are built using WordPress making it the most popular website builder.

WordPress gives you everything you need to build a website for your business or blog.

Bloggers and businesses around the world get 20B page views each month on their WordPress.com sites (wordpress.com).

One great thing about WordPress is that you don’t have to be a coding genius or even a novice to get things done. It is beginner-user friendly and that is worth its weight in gold. There are a plethora of themes, designed by professionals, from which to choose so you’re sure to find something that suits your personal style.

Another helpful and necessary feature that helps you grow and scale your business is plugins. Plugins are tools that add new functions to a host application without changing the host application itself. They’re widely used in digital audio, web browsing, and video applications. They provide infinite possibilities due to their wide range of combinations.

Being able to use your website as the center for your business is of great importance. This is especially true now that the world has changed so much in the face of a worldwide pandemic. As a business owner, having the capability to use your website to display your products and services, accept both one‑time and recurring payments, while serving customers globally, is outstanding.

Whether you’re selling studded cat collars or ongoing access to your content, do it with a completely customizable eCommerce platform that lets you open shop and grow your store alongside your business (wordpress.com).

So, by now, you’re probably thinking that taking all the above information and building a StoryBrand Website with WordPress is the way to go! You’re right. Of course, you’re right! You’re a savvy business owner who recognizes great opportunities when they present themselves.

Ready for some great examples?

Here we go…

StoryBrand Website Examples

Here are some fantastic examples of StoryBrand websites. We believe in the StoryBrand framework and the massive difference it makes in creating a wireframe and marketing message together.

Starting with one of my personal favorites…

Inspiring Your Shine

Let me first mention how important it is to have a clean website. I’m talking about a clean overall look and feel. This means there isn’t a ton of copy and clutter to read or sort through. Nobody has time for that, nobody wants to do that, and nobody will stay on that kind of site. So, the first important thing here… make it clean!


storybrand website examples


Notice the overall clean and uncluttered look of this website homepage. It’s clear and concise and doesn’t make you wonder where you should start.

It is clear what this business does for its customers. It helps them build an online business and make money from home, hence the homepage image of a woman in a position of victory.

Easy peasy! It doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, if it is complicated, it’s time to revisit your StoryBrand BrandScript to get more clarity for your marketing message.

Let’s examine the homepage.

Starting at the top of the homepage is a simple and well-designed logo that is specially branded for Inspiring Your Shine. Moving from top left to right, there are 3 options.

Freebies – which includes downloadable PDFs as well as other resources that have been identified as desirable for the ideal customers this business serves. These options work as both a transitional call to action as well as a way to capture email addresses.

Work With Me – which includes the specific courses and workshops this business owner offers her ideal client base. Notice the CTA at the top of the page as well as at the base of each service; in this case, Schedule A Call, and Learn More.

Podcast – which lists the different podcasts episodes and a way to play them right from whichever device you’re using.

Moving on to the top right corner of the homepage, there is a CTA in the form of a ‘Schedule Call’ button. It’s smart to have CTAs that are visible and easily accessible in general and wherever eyes are looking.


Onto the next…

One element of StoryBrand is to identify and talk about your customer’s problem. You want your ideal customer to be able to easily relate to the problem when they read your marketing message. Notice the main problem identified is below. It is followed by other problems that are related to the main problem. These are the external and internal problems.



Are You Struggling To Get New Customers?

  • Want to make more money to pay for your desired lifestyle?
  • Do you show up on social media consistently without hitting goals?
  • Are you tired of having more expenses than income?
  • Struggling to get out of your inner circle to reach new customers?
  • Have you thought about giving up on your dream?
  • Is it a struggle to balance family and a business?

Something to keep in mind… customers will always buy the product or service that provides the solution for the internal problem.

Another element on this part of the website is the 3-step process. When a customer sees that it’s as easy as 1-2-3, they’re likely to believe it’s possible for the problem to be solved. Keep in mind that more than 3 steps will likely seem too cumbersome and be a turn-off.

1. Create A Brand Identity

2. Attract New Customers

3. Become Profitable


Moving on to establishing your authority as a guide using empathy…


This is where you can begin to mention your expertise and experience. You can talk a little bit about this but don’t go overboard. This business owner’s website has sprinkled authority in a few different places.

Authority can be established with a statement regarding experience and how many people you’ve helped, testimonials from happy customers, or in other creative ways. However, establishing yourself as an authority in a particular space should be kept simple. Don’t talk too much about your personal story. That can be done in other areas and at other times.


The business owner’s overall belief is mentioned. This is an example of authority with some empathy sprinkled in for good measure.



Next, she lays out the plan for her customer…


You, the guide, then give your customer the plan in a few steps. Yes, it is possible that there are more than three simple steps, however, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers.

Think about it… when we’re confronted with a problem, we are generally not going to do anything about it until we’re forced into a decision. When the decision is too many steps (usually anything more than 3), we automatically feel overwhelmed and we’re much more likely to give up before we even start. So, make the plan simple to follow. Even if there are more than a few steps, it’s best to highlight the main steps and work the additional actions into those highlighted steps.

1. Schedule a 20 Minute Call to Identify Your Needs

2. Pick A Course That Will Help You Improve Your Online Business

3. Build Your Online Influence & Income From Home

The above image shows the additional copy and marketing message for each step.


Who doesn’t like freebies?

It’s important to have something to offer for free in order to grow your email list and widen your net to find ideal customers. The offer this business currently has is a taste of what they’ll get if they decide to purchase. For now, it’s used as a transitional CTA. Once they’re on your email list, you can send emails to further their interest in how you can solve the problem they have.


All the clutter and extras go to the bottom of your website…

You’ll notice the section at the very bottom of the website is used for linking to all resources as well as all her social media accounts. It’s clean, concise, and repeats her clear marketing message.



Here’s another blog we wrote for a more in-depth look at what is necessary for StoryBrand websites. Follow 12 Powerful Local Business StoryBrand Website Examples for more inspo!


Here is a medical spa with a StoryBrand website.

Revitalize Maui

There are a few things that I love about this website. Notice the homepage and how clean it is despite all the extra info that could be added based on the number of services they offer. It’s important to remember that, as humans, we’re always trying to survive, which means we don’t have a lot of time for clutter or unnecessary information. We need to have our problems solved quickly and completely.

This first image shows the basics. What they do is very clear. I have no questions about what kind of business this is and what they offer. At the bottom, it paints the picture of what you can expect to receive if you come here: Become the best you, slow the aging clock, BEAM with RENEWED CONFIDENCE!

These words cover the external problem being experienced by this business’ ideal customer in addition to addressing the solution to the internal problem. It very simply and effectively tells you what you will get and how you will feel afterward!


This image shows the dropdown menu with the additional and specialized services. Not every detail needs to be on the homepage that is shown.






No matter your business, you must establish yourself as the authority. You are the guide with the experience and empathy that can help your customer. Of course, this is no less true with a business in the medical field. Credentials and experience are listed.



This next image from their website shows them talking further about the problem(s) their customer is having and works in some empathy; At Revitalize Maui, we believe you should look and feel your best every day. It also plainly lists the rewards you will experience should you decide to take action with them; Restore your energy, enjoy flattering compliments, and LOVE EVERY MIRROR. I love that one! I don’t know a soul on earth that wouldn’t be able to relate to that!



Now for a fantastic example of incorporating a villain into the mix. They didn’t go so far as to give this villain a personality, but rather they’ve identified a broad term relatable to everyone. Do you spot it?



I love this for several reasons… the copy here raises the stakes by telling you that the aging process is like a thief who is stealing from you.

Do you mean, my confidence, stature, self-worth are being stolen from me and I can do something about that? Sign me up! This website does a phenomenal job identifying the external and internal problems, and painting the picture of what life will look and FEEL like should I sign on the dotted line.


storybrand website examples


When you are able to identify the internal problem, have the solution for the problem, and show your customers how they’ll feel if they take action by buying your product/service, you will be unstoppable!



We’d love to help you!

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Have you been incorporating the StoryBrand framework into your marketing message? Tell us how you’re doing it and your favorite part of the framework. Drop a comment below.